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Best cordless chainsaws 2022: Chop and saw with power

(Pocket-lint) - If you want to feel like a truly powerful being, try a chainsaw. It's a famously powerful tool, one that will have you sawing and chopping away almost any obstacle without too much fuss.

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If you're a keen gardener, it can be an absolute asset, letting you tackle serious overgrowth or even cut back trees to get your yard ship-shape. Thankfully, you also don't have to be tetherer, either to a power cord or to a petrol tank like older models. Now, there are plenty of models out there that use chargeable batteries to let you wirelessly saw away.

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We've taken a detailed look at the market to find you the best-rated chainsaws out there, and listed five of the very best for you to pick from below. 

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Ryobi OCS1830 18 V 30


Ryobi's chainsaw packs a proper punch, and has a slightly brutal look to it that's entirely forgivable given it's quite literally a chainsaw. It's got a mechanical chain-brake to make sure you're safe while operating it, and will power through wood easily. 

It's a proper little unit, and more than enough for most gardeners to get through whatever blockage they're facing. Plus you can adjust its chain tension really easily without needing any tools, which is a help when you're facing different types of job. 

Black + Decker

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Black+Decker 18V Cordless 25 cm Chainsaw


3.1 kilos isn't too much for a chainsaw, even a small one, and it's part of why Black+Decker's saw fares well in our estimations. It's easy to heft, and like the Ryobi above, makes it really easy to adjust its tension without a toolkit. 

You get a hand cover to make sure you're protected from flying chips and debris, while its ergonomic design is nice to hold. A lock-off switch makes sure that prying hands can't accidentally switch it on and do themselves a mischief, too. 


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Bosch UniversalChain 18


Bosch regularly appears in our gardening guides, and this chainsaw is no different, offering an easy and convenient way to use a sometimes intimidating power tool. It's similarly light compared to the Black+Decker model, and also easy to hold and adjust.

Plus, it's got that stabilizing tip protector at the end of the blade, which ensures that you chop with stability and even more safety. It's a great touch that should reassure less experienced users. 


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Oregon 573018


You won't have realised it, but Oregon supplies the saw chains and bars for many models of chainsaw around the world, including some of those above. That's why it gets a mention on this list - it's got real expertise when it comes to chainsaws. 

This battery-powered model is a good deal heavier than those we've looked at so far, at 5.6 kilos, but also has a longer, 40cm blade which makes it appropriate for slightly more intense tasks. A great choice if you're looking at more serious work.


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Stihl GTA 26


First up, let's be very clear - this Stihl cutter isn't a chainsaw, nor can it tackle the same tasks as the others on this list - it's a pruner. But, as you can probably imagine, it functions an awful lot like a miniature chainsaw, and we're including it because it's hugely impressive. If you're not sure that you actually need a full-size unit, and are only tackling smaller twigs and branches, for example, it could be perfect.

The handheld pruner comes in a lovely storage case, and will make mincemeat of pruning and trimming jobs that would be far too tough to handle with shears, making it a great help. It's also entirely cordless, and adjusting its belt is super easy. We think this could be a perfect compromise for anyone who's a little put off by the size of a full chainsaw. 


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DeWalt DCM565N


You wouldn't miss many DeWalt devices on the shelf, given their loud black and yellow stylings, and this chainsaw is no different. It's unapologetic and is another lightweight, easy to use saw for beginners. 

We like the more significant screen it gives you between your hands and the blade, which is nice and reassuring, while DeWalt says it can be used one-handed if you're feeling like showing off to the neighbours. We're not sure we'll be doing that any time soon, to be honest. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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