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Clay — Discover, organize, and deepen relationships

“ Hi Product Hunt! I'm one of the co-founders of Clay, and I'm super excited to share what we've been working on. A couple years ago, @achariam and I came to a realization: despite how important building and maintaining relationships is to our personal and professional success, it's extremely difficult to do well. Our relationships are fragmented across so many places: iMessage, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email, calendar – the list goes on! We never found a tool that worked quite right to help us be more thoughtful with our most important relationships. After trying to cobble together partial solutions in Notion, Airtable, Apple Notes, and Evernote, we decided to build Clay from the ground up to solve this exact problem. We knew it had to be beautiful, private, and carefully crafted to respect the human element of relationships. We also knew that it had to work for all kinds of relationships, across many types of professions and lifestyles. And so we did over 1000 customer interviews to get to the heart of how people express care and show up for the people in their lives. Clay is the culmination of all this research, design, and effort. We've taken the best elements from social networks, contacts apps, and CRMs to build the most beautiful way to manage your relationships in one place. Once your entire network is in Clay, you can seamlessly: ✅ Get a customized pre-meeting brief of all the people you're meeting with today 📝 Take smart notes on your conversations and link related people together 🔔 Set reminders to reach back out to someone 🧠 Be prompted to reconnect with people with Clay's Reconnect AI 🔍 Search your entire network in plain English 📰 Stop doom scrolling social media and get can't-miss updates on news, job, and location updates 💼 Find your next job or opportunity by leveraging your whole network in one place 🎉 Never forget a birthday again 🔥 And much more... And we're just getting started! We're big fans of the Product hunt community, thank you for your support — we think you're going to love Clay 🙌🏽 ”
– Zach Hamed

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