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Connect My SaaS — Seek the most integratable apps & the tools to connect them

“ Hey there! And thank you so much for checking out Connect My Saas. The creation of this site was a journey to say the least, and I hope it helps you save hours of time, finding apps that connect to your stack. I also hope you enjoy the fun characters that power the site - They bring me joy every day, and I hope you find them as cute as I do ❤️ Businesses know that automation is king when it comes to streamlining operations and allowing them to scale quickly. With so many automation tools on the market, it can be challenging to find the right solution to meet their growth goals and solve their workflow headaches. Connect My SaaS aims to simplify automation for businesses by giving businesses and their employees a one-stop shop to discover how to integrate their existing software apps and seek out new ones to more easily automate their back-end and boost the productivity of their business. I had the idea for Connect My SaaS in 2019, as a way to improve the SEO of my consultancy, but it turned into so much more than that over the course of building it, and I built the app mainly using Airtable, Bannerbear, Zapier, Make and Prismic for the back-end (as well as a bit of Python). The front-end is built using Next.js, and hosted using Vercel. Needless to say the product I thought I could create using Squarespace initially, turned into something of an all-consuming endeavor, which took 2-3 years to build. The whole idea of automation is to liberate as many people as possible from tedious administrative tasks so they can take back control of their time and focus on what really matters without sacrificing their business. To achieve this mission, Connect My SaaS helps users explore a wide variety of automatable apps on the market by providing an overview of the solution and helpful information about how the solution tackles specific automation triggers and actions. Once users identify an app they either already have or one they are interested in using, they can learn more about integrating the app and automating their processes based on crucial triggers and actions in their workflows. I sought to deliver a comprehensive tool that is easy to navigate. The site is vast, featuring many solutions and multiple triggers and actions for each solution (There are over 5 million integration pages). The site features some of today's most popular automation solutions, including Zapier, Make, Parabola, Integrately, n8n, Workato and more. Automation is more than just something that streamlines business practices—it’s also a fun way to explore what’s possible. My goal is to help businesses say goodbye to cumbersome processes that impede their agility and efficiency and hello to exciting new growth and customer service possibilities. To learn more about Connect My SaaS and explore the fun and transformational possibilities of automation, visit https://www.connectmysaas.com/. There are three key sections to the site: Application Finder: Finding the proper app for your company is crucial, and finding one that can be integrated with the rest of your systems and tools is even better. To get started, use our app finder. Automation Station: Our bots aim to assist you in determining the optimal way to connect your apps. First, select your trigger app on the left and your action (or destination) app on the right, and our bots will assist you in discovering what is possible. Automation Tool Finder: Choosing the proper solution for your automation needs is critical, and we've highlighted a few of our favourites on this page. Whichever one you choose, you'll be well on your way to enhancing your business operations in no time! The site is completely free to use, and the revenue model is ads and affiliate links. Also - Just for checking out an integration on the site, and tweeting about it - You will automatically be granted $100 in Make credit. Details and Terms and Conditions can be found here. Thank you! 🤖 🙏 ”
– Andy Wingrave

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