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EcomJobs — Hand-Picked Jobs For The eCommerce Industry

“ I've been operating as an agency owner for about 5 years now. We work specifically with the eCommerce industry. I love this industry, my job, and my clients... But a common problem I always see is that my clients are looking for talent within the industry & don't know where to look into. Linkedin & Indeed is too broad. Referrals are great, but often rare. There is no central job hiring location for the thousands of eCommerce brands looking for industry-specific talent. This problem didn't really cause me any concern until I started seeing a bunch of friends and colleagues in the industry having a tough time finding brands they wanted to work with. They wanted to stay in the industry, but they also found it so tedious to sift through a list of eCommerce brands on very broad job sites, check if they were hiring, check all the jobs that they offered, check their company background, etc... I saw the double marketplace problem & that's when I decided to build EcomJobs (https:/ecom-jobs.com). In about a month of work I spun up this job board that updates daily with hand-picked ecommerce specific jobs. When I say hand-picked, I mean really hand-picked. This isn't some web scraper or index bot. I have two colleageus working with me to go through generic job boards everyday and search relevant jobs to post on our ecommerce job board. We update this daily, and the job list is growing fast You can filter by your job category, your employment type (remote, hybrid, in-office), or location (we'll be adding company benefits as a feature soon too). You can also look at our active company list to look for jobs based on companies in the industry that are hiring. We have an email optin option that will send you job alerts in case you wanted it directly dropped into your inbox too. Lastly, we plan to add a data section to show salaries & job demand for the industry as a whole. I wanted to put this out there just because I saw a problem coming from both sides of the fence, but no solutions. My goal is to continue to listen to people who use the platform and improve it based on your needs. This isn't an Upwork or an Indeed where the eCommerce industry might not be the central job type thats hired on the platform. This is for eCommerce specialists, by eCommerce specialists. All feedback is appreciated, especially critiques on how we can improve the platform. Hoping to grow it as much as possible and serve our industry better ”
– Shaun Smerling

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