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“ **Hey Google, play AC/DC - Back in Black** Hey Product Hunters, I’m John and I'm here to help you churn less customers. Let me tell you how. For the past year, I've been developing the easiest-to-use digital adoption tool. So, what is Eyelet? We help you create product tooltips, checklists, and interactive onboarding guides without writing a single line of code. Why would I even use Eyelet instead of one of its competitors? That's a good question. 😅 The answer is simple; We are easier to use and we are by far the most affordable solution. Now let me tell you about our recent improvements. This new iteration of the product takes it a step forward from a simple guide creation tool, to a true "product adoption operating system". You can now create advanced, fully customizable, and fully interactive in-app guides and walkthroughs. It also has a very smart set of bot automation features and checklists on top of everything else. How does it work? ✨ Is it magic? Is it witchcraft? Nope, it's a browser extension. You download a Browser Extension that works on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge that allows you to map out your entire user journeys using a simple point-and-click system. Once the mapping is done, you give it a quick test using the extension. Then, when you’re happy with how it looks, you take the integration code from the Eyelet Dashboard and drop it in your section of your website (exactly how you would with the Google Analytics Tracker). That’s it. You can now track how your guide is performing from the analytics section of each tour in the Eyelet Dashboard. :chart_with_upwards_trend: OUR POWERFUL FEATURES ⚡️ Product tours 💫 They come in all shapes and sizes, from a classic splash screen that greets the user with a little gif or video, to tooltips, little pointers, simple hotspots, bots, and many more. And it’s fully customizable, from background colors, button colors, text colors and more so you can really match your brand’s color. Bot automation 🤖 Yes! You can leverage the bots to trigger certain actions based on user events throughout the app, like once they’ve finished with a tour, once they opened a page, based on a timer, from a Checklist, etc. It can also create feedback loops and get NPS scores. Checklists ☑️ Checklists allow you to link different sequences together and break down complex processes into bite-size pieces. We’ve always built products that revolve around user feedback, so we wanted to use this venue to hear what you think. What do you like and not like about Eyelet? What are we missing at this point? I appreciate all the love and support we’ve gotten so far and I look forward to hearing what you think about Eyelet. ”
– John Demian

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