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Fitbit Receives Complaints From Ionic Smartwatch Owners Due to Delayed Refund Process

Fitbit, a Google-owned consumer electronics and fitness firm, recalled all of its Ionic smartwatches in March, but seven months have passed, and a significant number of customers claim they still have not been compensated for the potentially defective device even after they returned it.

Many Had Complaints About Overheating Batteries

In a report published by Fast Company, Fitbit sold over 1 million Ionic watches in the United States before production ended in 2020. This is in addition to nearly 700,000 units sold internationally. The business is apparently aiming to offer an improved version of the product in the near future.

Over time, customers continued to use the product, and a fraction of those people began to voice concerns that the battery had become overheated. Since of this, Fitbit had to recall all of its Ionic gadgets as there was a risk that they could catch fire.

Within the U.S., there were at least 115 complaints to Fitbit about the watch's battery being too hot. According to the findings of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 78 people in the U.S. reported suffering burn injuries, of which two reported third-degree burns and 4 reported second-degree burns.

There were 59 instances of the watch overheating across the world, with 40 people claiming to have suffered burns as a result.

In late April, two women filed a complaint in federal court in California, alleging that many of the company's smartwatches were prone to overheating and causing burns to the users.

A Notice Was Issued to Recall the Devices

In the announcement, the organization instructed customers to cease using the watch and get in touch with Fitbit to return the gadget.

The firm stated that customers would be offered a refund of $299 plus a discount coupon for 40% off chosen Fitbit products if they returned the gadget.

Fitbit Breaks its Promise of "3-6 Weeks Refund Process"

According to Fast Company's email, Fitbit indicated that the funds would be given within three to six weeks after registering for the refund and getting their account validated.

It is impossible to count the number of clients who have not yet been compensated, although the subject has become a recurrent theme on Fitbit's community board and social media. Apparently, this is where customers complain about the company's support service regularly.

Reportedly, one customer commented on the board that the entire process is "ridiculous" even from the beginning. Another rant was posted by a different person saying that the longer the procedure takes, the less likely they will buy from them again.

The company claims to have received a high volume of refund requests, which could cause the process to take some time.

A Fitbit representative told Fast Company that it has also received a huge number of fraudulent refund registrations, resulting in a lengthy backlog of reimbursement claims.

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