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Hyperpeach — Search across the metaverse

“ Hello Fellow Product Hunters! Like everyone who has read Snow Crash or Ready Player One, I've been ready for a virtual reality-based Internet for a long time. And I knew that virtual worlds were in development, but where were they? What was the way into the collective metaverse? That's why I was thrilled to find Hyperpeach, a search engine that unlocks the whole of the metaverse by enabling you to find and explore virtual worlds like Decentraland, Sandbox, Spatial, Voxel, and more. I was thrilled to meet the Lifetap team behind the product and find out that their unique skills made them the right people to build this method of unifying search across the open metaverse. See below for details from Amogh Meshram, one of the co-founders: – Hyperpeach (now in public beta) is a search engine designed exclusively for the metaverse. What is metaverse? Per Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, "The Metaverse is the internet in 3D." The open metaverse already has plenty of real world applications in the field of robotics, IoT, digital twins, and entertainment. New metaspaces are opening up all the time. The problem of new reality: Just like every business has a website or an app on the internet to showcase their products & services, we at Lifetap believe every business will have a presence in the metaverse. The metaverse will explode with virtual worlds, experiences and applications. We will all need a navigation engine guiding us through this new reality. Our solution: Hyperpeach, a search engine that can search across virtual worlds. Our current technology includes proprietary crawling and ranking algorithms. We are working on developing a 3D crawler that will be able to index the 3D spatial web The journey behind Hyperpeach: Fabio and I have been working on developing a multi-user search and recommendation engine for 3 yrs. We released two products focused on recommendations and search respectively. While exploring decentraland for our own amusement, we saw the only way to navigate this virtual world was through their map. That’s when we realized that the metaverse will need a search engine. Our Vision: Bridging experiences between the real world and the metaverse. We are in beta and need your help: This is just the first release of the product. We are seeking your feedback to help us build a better product to help bring the metaverse to the world. We are not: * DAO - A Decentralized autonomous organization, aka a crypto company * Hugely funded Upcoming Updates: * Allowing users to submit their metaverse events or links to their NFTs to augment what our crawler captures * New virtual worlds like Roblox * Showing visuals of the 3D spaces in the search results We would love to hear from you! Best, Amogh, Fabio and the LifeTap Team. PS. It has taken us roughly a month from ideation to the release of Hyperpeach. I guess we qualify as a lean startup :) ”
– Eric R. Burgess

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