Knock ID — Instantly access your medical info with just a tap

“ Hey! This is Moe, the founder of Knock ID. As a father, I am always worried about the safety of my 4 year old son. I worry that due to his speech delay, he may not be able to accurately communicate his needs in the event of an emergency or know how to have emergency personnel contact us. This prompted me to look for a solution. While I came across some great products, none actually fully satisfied my need. This is when I decided to create Knock ID. The idea is quite simple. You may already be familiar with medical ID cards. Those are the cards that are embossed with medical information. The downside is that the information on these cards are printed and cannot be changed and you are limited to how much you can enter. The solution was to create a card that links to a digital medical profile where the information can be managed, stored and edited at anytime from anywhere. The card is an NFC card similar to the new popular business cards that you just tap. The way Knock ID works is very simple. Your NFC card is linked to your profile that you manage on our platform. All you have to do is tap the card on an NFC enabled phone and you can immediately access your medical information. The card also has a QR code on the back which you can scan to access the medical profile. Here is a list of the information you can include on your medical profile: - Medical conditions - Medications - Allergies - Vitamins - Emergency contacts - Primary care physician information - Insurance information - Documents, videos and photos upload You have complete privacy controls over your information and can set items to Private if you wish. Knock ID effectively removes the communication barrier for kids, elderly people or anyone who has difficulty communicating their medical needs. This is a great solution for seniors who can accidentally wander off, children that are prone to elopement or just about anyone who wants peace of mind knowing that their information is easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Doctor's can also access your medical information just by tapping your card so you no longer need to carry a list of your medications and conditions. I plan to introduce GPS notification shortly, where you can be notified of the location where the card was tapped. There are many more features that I am excited to introduce with time. I look forward to hearing your feedback. ”
– Moe Zebib

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