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PreggyBreath — App for practicing breathing exercises during a labor

“ Hello, product hunters! Let me talk about PreggyBreath. It’s a very simple app, but it comes in handy for pregnant women. PreggyBreath was created at a hackathon. It took us 2 days to design it. It was a fantastic time, because we worked in a complete team: - product manager - IOS developer - designer - medical expert Everyone was charged to win, so we got 1st place.🥇 😉 Oh, thanks to my entire team, these guys are great! After the hackathon, I showed the app to practitioners in several hospitals, as I wanted an expert opinion on the app. They said it would be very useful without seeing it yet. They made some slight changes to the breathing techniques based on their professional point of view and corrected our mistakes. Now our App has two modes. 1. Training mode: Improves your breathing technique to ensure less stressful and less painful labor. 2. Contractions mode: As your contractions start, select the intensity based on your sensations. Our app will help choose the most appropriate breathing pattern. The app counts your contractions, displaying the frequency and intervals. This will help you understand how soon you’ll go into labor and when it’s time to go to the hospital. Now there are lots of apps that show how your baby develops throughout pregnancy. Stream services offer numerous videos on breathing techniques. But all this is of no use for a woman the moment she goes into labor. Pregnant women usually forget how to breathe during this time.🤯 Our app helps choose the most appropriate breathing pattern. Taking control of your breath works as meditation, it helps you calm down, reduce pain and relax. All exercises – breath patterns – are designed in collaboration with practicing physicians. I got the idea when my wife was pregnant ❤️. She watched lots of videos on how to breathe correctly during labor. But she couldn't find an app that would help her memorize so many breathing techniques. So, we came up with the idea of a breath training app for women in labor. You can try our App, it's only available for IOS now: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pr... We'll be happy if you try our app and give us your feedback. Thank you, Artem Pavlov ”
– Artem Pavlov

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