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The Most Outrageous Features Of Johnny Depp's Former Pirate-Themed Superyacht

Actor Johnny Depp had a multi-million dollar superyacht with a wild pirate theme, but that's only the tip of this floating boat-tel's menagerie of outrageous features. After playing Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise for so long, it's easy to see how Depp's on-screen escapades can carry into his real life. After all, the actor already owns an assortment of stunning luxury vehicles, but he's not exactly keen on keeping his property strictly on land. Although Depp might not have Sparrow's Black Pearl, he did own something close, a superyacht that carries 10 people. Originally named "Anatolia," the 156-foot yacht was the product of renowned Turkish ship builder Proteksan Turquoise.

When Depp first bought it second-hand in 2006, it featured naval architecture (via Autoevolution). However, the swashbuckling star wasn't satisfied with his yacht's current condition, so he spent $7 million to renovate it to his liking, transforming it into something Mr. Sparrow would feel more at home in. After reportedly spending $30 million in total, the newly-christened superyacht was finally ready to set sail under a new name: the "Vajoliroja." No, it's not derived from pirate slang, rather, it's a combination of the names of his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis, his own, and their children, Lily Rose and Jack. As if its mishmash of a name isn't outlandish enough, what's inside is even more outrageous, befitting the Mad Hatter himself.

A pirate's life for Johnny

Just like his range in acting, Depp's eclectic taste in finer things were reflected in his superyacht. Its juxtaposition of names apparently foreshadowed the yacht's varied identity, which, according to its design renovator LM Pagano, is meant to feel like the "Orient Express on the ocean" (via Insider). The superyacht featured Art Deco style interior, 1930s-esque dining hall, and vintage furnishings adorned with 24k gold, all exuding an old yet luxurious pirate ship feel. Unlike a pirate's rickety old ship, however, the Vajoliroja's comes with modern touches as well, including a Kaleidescape home theater system, satellite TV, two onboard generators, security system and a plethora of surround sound speakers and flat screen panels throughout the ship (via Curtis Stokes).

Given its six refrigerators, five staterooms, two dining halls two icemakers, two ovens, and two speedboats with kayaks for water activities, it's not short on amenities either. Each of its spacious sleeping cabins have their own bathroom with walk-in shower and locker, with the master bedroom being even bigger. Akin to the variety of spoils Jack Sparrow had accrued throughout his adventures, these rooms are also said to feature items gathered from all over the world. Powering the Vajoliroja are two 480-horsepower Caterpillar 3406C engines capable of pushing the floating mansion to 15 mph tops (via Curtis Stokes). Of course, those hoping to take a cruise on Depp's superyacht should prepare to spend at least six figures, eight if looking for permanent residency.

How much does Johnny Depp's yacht cost?

It seems like anyone could lease Depp's superyacht while it was still under the actor's ownership, as long as they could afford to pay him $130,000 a week, that is. However, the Vajoliroja didn't get to keep its name forever, nor its owner, for that matter. It was renamed to "Amphitrite" when Depp was re-married to actress Amber Heard. Alas, the Amphitrite in the hands of another celebrity in 2015; renowned writer J.K. Rowling.

Depp spent about $30 million for his pirate ship, but Rowling reportedly bought it from him for $24 million. While it was unclear what the "Harry Potter" author intended to buy the yacht for, she eventually sold it in under a year, and at a $7 million loss, no less. 

According to Florida-based Yacht broker Curtis Stokes, the Amphitrite had already been sold twice, with its final listing price costing its buyer a little over $17.4 million. So, what happened to Depp's pirate-themed yacht afterwards? Per Autoevolution, it was said to be bought by an anonymous businessman who renamed it yet again to "Arriva." If there's one sure thing that Depp and his former superyacht have in common, it's that both have definitely been through a lot.

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