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Wayru - Decentralized Internet Network — Earn crypto rewards providing Internet connectivity

“ GM, Product Hunt! I’m Charvel, CEO at Wayru. We are so happy to introduce you to Genesis, the first Hotspot built by Wayru, a plug-and-play device that will allow anyone from anywhere worldwide to set up a hotspot and start earning crypto rewards, and Pool Tokens, which allows anyone to participate from networks we deploy and share the earned crypto rewards. Our pre-sale is LIVE now! Don't forget that there is only a limited window of time to get your hands on a GENESIS device to become a Wayru Hotspot or to get a Pool Token from our first deployment in Latin America. So don’t wait too long and get your Genesis Device or Pool Token here: https://wayru.io/getwayru Genesis Devices/Hotspot Operator: 😎 Who can be a Hotspot Operator? Anyone with a stable fixed internet connection can become a Hotspot Operator. You can set up a Genesis device in restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, cafeterias, or your home. The more traffic you get, the more rewards you'll earn. 💡What do I need to become a Hotspot Operator? - Genesis Device. - Active Fixed Internet Network. - Electricity 24/7. 📡 How does it work? You just set up a Wayru Genesis device by connecting it to a power source and an active Internet router. You'll follow three simple steps with the Hotspot Operator app and link your device to your account. Once linked, your device will broadcast a WiFi network that will allow anyone with a WiFi-compatible device to get online, and you'll start earning crypto rewards. Setup time is less than 10 minutes. 💰 Rewards You'll get rewards in Wayru Tokens for every connected user and have access to real-time analytics of the traffic used and rewards made. Hotspot Operators keep 80% of the revenue generated, and Wayru takes a 20% fee. For every $100 in revenue generated from using the Network, $20 is Wayru’s share of the reward (Protocol Fee), and the remaining $80 is the reward for the Hotspot operator. Pool Token Holders: 😎 Who can be a Hotspot Operator? Anyone from anywhere in the world. 📡 How does it work? Wayru will provide connectivity where it is most needed starting in big cities in Latam, deploying a series of antennas with a fiber backbone to spread the Internet across a region. We will design and build a hybrid network of Hotspots using fiber and cutting-edge radio fiber-quality mesh technologies operating in unlicensed spectrum to build gigabit networks rapidly. We group the Hotspots deployed in any city into something we call Hotspot Pools. Each Pool has a minimum of 1,000 Hotspots. We tokenize the Pools, and the number of tokens in the Pool depends on the location of the Pool and the number of Hotspots in the Pool. As the Network grows, more token pools will become available for purchase. Owning Wayru Pool Tokens is similar to owning tokenized real estate to earn from rentals, but in Wayru Pool Tokens, owners earn WRU based on the Pool’s Hotspots performance. We will take care of the setup, operations, and management and collect revenues and usage data. You’ll have access to the network data at all times. 💰 Rewards Rewards are paid after expenses to keep the Network running. A Hotspot needs five things to work: Electricity, Bandwidth, WiFi Hardware, a place to set it up, and an operator (person or entity in charge of setup and maintenance). Expenses are around 40–45% of the monthly generated revenue. So for the sake of clarity, this is how it will look like: + Income Internet sales — $100 - Expenses Bandwidth — $30 Electricity — $3 Location — $2 Repair/Replace Treasury — $5 Protocol Fee — $20 = Income — Expenses Pool Token Holder Rewards — $40 For every $100 in revenue generated from using the Network, around $40 keeps the Network running, $20 is Wayru’s share of the reward (Protocol Fee), and the remaining $40 is the reward for the Pool Token Holder. Great things are coming, and we can’t wait to see you being part of it. P.S. Stay tuned to our [Discord](https://discord.gg/ggEamtgbfe),&...), and [Telegram](https://t.me/wayrunetwork) for surprises, rewards, and more until the big day of the pre-sale comes! ”
– Charvel Chedraui

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